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Expert CV template

This expert CV template is for you who want to present your experience and skills effectively. By utilizing Minjon's CV template, you will be able to do that, and the recruiter will love it!


The accompanying instructions will guide you through the process and help you showcase the best aspects of yourself.


This template is easy to edit to fit your style and personality.All you need is Microsoft Word and basic Word skills and you are ready to go!

Expert CV template

29,99 €Hinta
  • The Expert CV template is suitable for experts in diverse fields. This template is designed to suit a job applicant that already has gained experience in their professional career, and might be looking for way to highlight their extensive knowledge and expertise.





    • An easily customizable CV template suitable for an expert
    • A detailed guide on how to fill in the template
    • A CV Idea Bank that can be used to find inspiration for the CV




    When buying the Expert CV template, you receive a three (3) page long CV template in MS Word format. The template has a fresh and light appearance with black, white and gray as base colors. The template includes icons and visual elements, that make the CV visually pleasing and easy to read. The Expert CV template contains sections for the following:


    o  a picture
    o  your headline
    o  your own introduction
    o  contact information
    o  education
    o  work experience
    o  expertise
    o  volunteer work
    o  career highlights
    o  publications & projects
    o  language and IT skills
    o  what motivates you
    o  your values
    o  interests and hobbies
    o  references 




    The Expert CV template is very easy to edit in MS Word, and thanks to the CV guide the template is easy to fill in. All the sections of the template can be added, moved or deleted as needed. Moreover, you can change the colors and fonts of the template to fit your personal preference. The product also includes an Idea Bank, from which you can copy and paste texts and icons that fit your CV.




    This Expert CV template has been created by Minjon’s recruiters. We have reviewed thousands of expert CV:s and know what recruiters are looking for.We wanted to create an easy to use Expert CV template, that displays your expertise clearly. If you’ve been looking for a CV template – look no further!

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