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“I don’t ever wake up and think ‘what’s the point’ with my work. Our purpose is so clear – we are literally changing the world for the better!”

says Tanja Kotro, Head of New Solutions at Helen.


“I feel like we see into the future, doing what we do.” says Tanja’s colleague Sari Mannonen, SVP leading Solution Business and Portfolio Development Helen. 


Creating the future is no small task – especially for a corporation. How do you do it exactly? 


“Well, we do our best to boost creativity – even if it takes place in a corporate setting.” says Tanja and smiles. Sari chimes in: “We don’t limit ideas; we give people freedom to share their thoughts and come up with ideas - and then work from there.” 

Go on, we are listening.

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“We build on each other’s ideas, we discuss, and then we execute with persistence to build a successful business case – together” Sari continues.

“We test our ideas, we select the best ones and try them out, we run pilots and when we’re really onto something, we scale. We also get our clients involved in the process” Tanja explains. 


A little birdie told us that it feels safe to question things at Helen.  How did you manage to create that kind of working environment?


“Oh wow, that’s nice to hear! We don’t want to push people into some pre-existing mold. But we are an established employer with a long history, so it’s a work in progress. I do believe that if you want to create new business, you need appreciate unique trains of thought” says Tanja.


She smiles and continues: “And also, no-one is playing guru around here, it’s all teamwork!”


Sari rounds up: “The team’s goal is to create new sustainable business and prepare for a changing world with best future foresight. But ultimately everything comes down to people. We work with people and for people.”


You now have the opportunity to join Helen's New Business Team! Have a look at the open positions and - click the link below!


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