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“Motivational quotes? I have a whole wall of them” 💫

says Alexander Rodichev and laughs, “and lots more on my phone”. Alex is Helen's Business Design Lead. When talking to Alex you can see that he is driven and deeply inspired by his work.


Alex has over 10 years of experience working as a consultant. “I’ve worked in different organizations all over the world. At Helen, I can use all my previous experience to drive innovation and change."


“I’m so grateful for the fact that Helen hasn’t put me “in a box” – I’m free to experiment, fail, succeed and then ultimately find a solution that works” says Alex.

Wow, that sounds like a corporate fairytale, impressive! What is it about the energy sector that sparks your motivation?

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“The energy sector is the PERFECT place for innovators right now! You have permission to go all in when it comes to innovation. Actually, the energy sector demands innovation right now. I can’t think of any other sector that would have this kind of momentum when it comes to innovation!”


Let’s go back to the beginning.How did the team welcome you when you started?


“They were so supportive! I was like a sponge – like Spongebob” Alex laughs. “Just absorbing everything I could learn from them. ”So it’s not a solo-act, then?

“Definitely not. I want to feel like I’m useful to my colleagues.”


If someone is reading this and thinking of joining your team, what would you tell them? 


“Just have the courage to come as you are. The whole team really wants you to bring your own experience, your own culture and your way of thinking. Welcome!” 

You now have the opportunity to join Alex and Helen's New Business Team! Have a look at the open positions - click the link below.


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